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Mr. Luo Yi Sir JS Ms. Dee Poon Mr. David Lee Ms. Cassie Wong Mr. Mike Lonergan Mr. Philippe Legrand Mr. Sanam Ramchandani Mr. Alex Alexander Ms. Robyn Lamsam Mr. Benjamin Mark Duncan

Changes aren’t easy! But many of our families have made quick changes.

Despite being once in crisis when multiple hardships hit them simultaneously, these change makers of their own life now live a stable, or even hopeful livelihood.

Mind the goosebumps from hearing their testimonials.  No changes are revealed as clearly as those directly from our clients. These testimonials are excerpts from ongoing sharing in our client-only chat groups. Videos are a merely reproduction of their unscripted sharing in a more audience friendly format.

Most NGOs, including us, report Output (what have been done) and Impact (what we think how we have influenced or done for our clients).  We take a conscious step further to focus on reporting changes, which attests to how closely we are achieving our mission.