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Our Families

Changes aren’t easy! But our families have made quick changes. Despite being once in crisis when multiple hardships hit them simultaneously, these change makers of their own life now live a stable, or even hopeful livelihood. Mind the goosebumps from hearing their testimonials.

Our Donors

Money can’t buy love. But when money is being invested in rebuilding families-in-crisis, love ensures from a stable and hopeful livelihood. Our deepest gratitude goes to all our donors, current and past. Thank you for believing in “empowering family in crisis for a change” to be a very worthy cause. Thank you for your generous financial resources needed in saving these families from crisis, one at a time.

2018, 2019 & 2021

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Ms. Dee Poon

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Our People

Most jobs demand a smart brain to solve problems, some requires a big heart to serve with love. Ours also takes a good soul to make lasting changes. Their heart and soul is what make our people uniquely compatible to the team. Let’s hear their life and career story.

Our Channel


Spreading the Festive Joy

Join us to spread festive joy this season by donating to us to help secure meal coupons for ChickenSoup families so they can enjoy the holidays on...

SOUL Happy Birthday at Pineapple Farm

ChickenSoup families soaked up the sunshine in our 2021 Scorpio / Sagittarius SOUL-Happy birthday party!

Our Approach

ChickenSoup was founded on the principles of using an investment approach to defy the traditional and old school operating model of NGOs. Such an investment approach is being deployed at both the organizational management and beneficiary servicing levels.

Your Turn, Be a Family Cupid!

Individual Donors

Cindy C 60,000 Robyn L 60,000 Karim A 2,000 Benjamin V 10,000 Divia H 1,800 Ronnie W 4,000 Sonia S 3,200 Jacqueline S 10,500 Christopher H 10,000 Frederick W 5,000 Arthur W 8,000 Derek L 8,000 George L 8,000 Jason W 8,000 Ken H 8,000 Mason W 8,000 Peter T 8,000 Stephen C 8,000 Steven Y 8,000 Thomas H 8,000 Thomas W 8,000 Nelson W 8,000 Andy L 16,000 Tommy T 8,000 Cindy L 10,500 Henry C 10,000 Janice M 80,000 Patricia C 50,000 Vincent K 10,000 Andrew Y 5,000