Curing The Incurable

Story of Sally and Her Family

Absence of Breadwinners
  • Single mother unable to secure employment
  • Both mother and son struggled with stomach and mental health problems
Extreme Poverty
  • Living on CSSA with no disposable income
  • Living in a tiny 200sf dated flat


  • “I am deeply moved every time when I see the sharing from tough moms from other beneficiary families. Most women lose themselves after they became mothers, because they put all their energy on their family and children, so they completely ignore their own physical and mental health…Through the support of CSF, I understand that I must first learn to appreciate and love myself in order to be a healthy person mentally and physically. Now I exercise every morning striving to be a better version of myself.”

  • “I am very grateful for your help in study, health and my hobby, I will always remember your help, it really changes me a lot. By happenstance my mum and I got to know about your foundation, I suffered from gastrointestinal problems at that time, which had a severe effect of my daily life…you provide financial aid to help me to cure it…I had been scared to meet my friends because no one would like to listen or see a person hiccup for a long time, it had made me to feel a bit depressed. Soon, I recovered from my ‘nightmare’, and it feels great. Time and tide wait for no man, I will study harder to make my dream come true.”




Families In Crisis

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