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Maxim’s Group, Hong Kong start-up turning bread into beer, beer into Operation Santa Claus funding

Many of the teenagers we support are very talented albeit their physical restrictions or special education needs. Find out how a major Hong Kong restaurant...

Hong Kong Olympian Vivian Kong writes heartfelt letter to parents urging support for child’s fencing dreams – ‘everyone has their own path’

Vivian Kong is more than an ambassador to ChickenSoup Foundation but also our next generation in pursuing their own passion.

Podcast One with RTHK

We are SOUL proud to be one of Operation Santa Claus’s beneficiaries again!

Cupid’s aim: ChickenSoup Foundation programme helps Hong Kong’s neediest families weather the storm

Check out the uplifting interview of a once-in-crisis ChickenSoup family in today’s South China Morning Post.

Mother’s Day tributes: the Hong Kong mums dealing with bereavement, child illness and coronavirus misery

Two of our single mothers tell the South China Morning Post how they find the strength to soldier on amid pandemic challenges and other traumatic...


Read on to find out what is the connection between ChickenSoup Foundation and the reinvigorated neighbourhood in Sham Shui Po.

Peter Cheung’s Hot List: 10 Hong Kong Charities You Should Be Supporting

We are on the list! Read on to unveil what ChickenSoup Foundation impresses Peter the most.

Helpless in Hong Kong: low-income new arrivals from mainland China struggle with job losses, lack of support during Covid-19

Many poor families from mainland do not qualify for one-off HK$10,000 government allowance – read on to find out how ChickenSoup is helping these families...

‘Little logic’ in forcing Hong Kong’s biggest supermarkets to pass subsidies onto consumers through discounts during coronavirus crisis

Hong Kong’s biggest supermarkets are giving back to the public through discounts but how many struggling families are truly benefitting from this newly-released government’s plan?

Coronavirus: Mask shortage among city’s most vulnerable has wealthy Hongkongers taking matters into their own hands

Started with two private donors just four weeks ago, our emergency family relief campaign now tallies at $1 million in funds and supplies.

Operation Santa Claus raises more than HK$15 million for charities helping Hong Kong’s disadvantaged

We are very proud to be one of Operation Santa Claus beneficiaries again this year and hope to spread love to more families in need!

Poor in Hong Kong: life is hardest for the elderly, jobless and single-parent families living on a pittance

Our families told the Post how they struggle daily to make ends meet, like hundreds of thousands of their fellow Hongkongers.
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