Operation Santa Claus raises more than HK$15 million for charities helping Hong Kong’s disadvantaged

We are very proud to be one of Operation Santa Claus beneficiaries again this year and hope to spread love to more families in need!

Major donors who contributed to the 31st annual Operation Santa Claus. Photo: SCMP
More than HK$15 million was raised for Hong Kong’s needy during the 32nd edition of Operation Santa Claus (OSC), the annual Christmas fundraising drive organized by the South China Morning Post and public broadcaster RTHK.
The fundraiser will direct the money raised to a total of 13 different organizations, including ChickenSoup Foundation.  We are very proud to be one of OSC beneficiaries again this year!  With the funding from OSC, we hope to continue to empower more underprivileged children and their families.

Your Turn, Be a Family Cupid!

Individual Donors

Cindy C 60,000 Robyn L 60,000 Karim A 2,000 Benjamin V 10,000 Divia H 1,800 Ronnie W 4,000 Sonia S 3,200 Jacqueline S 10,500 Christopher H 10,000 Frederick W 5,000 Arthur W 8,000 Derek L 8,000 George L 8,000 Jason W 8,000 Ken H 8,000 Mason W 8,000 Peter T 8,000 Stephen C 8,000 Steven Y 8,000 Thomas H 8,000 Thomas W 8,000 Nelson W 8,000 Andy L 16,000 Tommy T 8,000 Cindy L 10,500 Henry C 10,000 Janice M 80,000 Patricia C 50,000 Vincent K 10,000 Andrew Y 5,000