ChickenSoup for the soul: Hong Kong charity aims to make life better for city’s elderly residents

Read on to unveil how ChickenSoup has been supporting elderly families in crisis with funds from Operation Santa Claus.

Lee King-chun, Mok Shun-cheung, social worker at Chai Wan Baptist Church, and Edward Man, ChickenSoup Foundation founder, at Hing Wah Estate. Photo: Dickson Lee

Our beneficiary Ms. Lee, 74-year-old, recently shared her struggles living alone with the South China Morning Post in an interview. 

A mother of two, Lee has been living alone after her daughters got married and moved out.  Despite living on her own, Lee tries to reach out to and check on her elderly neighbours, especially those who are struggling without the support they need with everyday tasks.

With the funding from Operation Santa Claus (OSC), we will be able to provide support to more crisis families like Ms. Lee, who are not being adequately served by existing public services.

“We will work with our partners, including those from the private sector, to organise activities for our elderly clients, who may otherwise stay at home all day,” said our founder Edward.

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