ChickenSoup Foundation helps families in need, with the help of funds from Operation Santa Claus

20 of our most disadvantaged families are expected to receive support in financial, medical and social terms thanks to the funding from Operation Santa Claus!

Operation Santa Claus (OSC), the annual charity campaign jointly organized by the South China Morning Post and public broadcaster RTHK, will bring Christmas for a year to 20 of our most disadvantaged families in financial, medical and social terms.

Our family empowerment program “Family Cupid” will enable corporate volunteers to save 20 of the most vulnerable families from extreme hardship, while empowering them a hopeful and independent livelihood.

“When families go through difficulties, they feel helpless and often don’t know where to find help,” our founder Ed told the South China Morning Post during an interview. “We act as a hub to collect donations and distribute resources to the needy.”

Under “Project Family Cupid”, we provide free and comprehensive services for households in multiple crises.  These families might also obtain subsidies for medical treatment and receive career training.  Read on to find out how else we are helping these families and what you can do to support. 

Your Turn, Be A Change Maker!

Individual Donors

Marjorie Y 1,005 Gianna L 1,000 Heidi L 1,111 Gianna L 1,000 Steve L 504 Gianna L 1,000 Vincci K 1,100 Jacky K 300 Rozana L 200 Gary L 5,000 Sakuntala R 1,000 Kenneth H 4,500 Uncle Tomas 200,000 Cindy C 60,000 Robyn L 60,000 Karim A 2,000 Benjamin V 10,000 Divia H 1,800 Ronnie W 4,000 Sonia S 3,200 Jacqueline S 10,500 Christopher H 10,000 Frederick W 5,000 Arthur W 8,000 Derek L 8,000 George L 8,000 Jason W 8,000 Ken H 8,000 Mason W 8,000 Peter T 8,000 Stephen C 8,000 Steven Y 8,000 Thomas H 8,000 Thomas W 8,000 Nelson W 8,000 Andy L 16,000 Tommy T 8,000 Cindy L 10,500 Henry C 10,000 Janice M 80,000 Patricia C 50,000 Vincent K 10,000 Andrew Y 5,000 Seisaku K 2,500 Tony Y 1,500