Edward Man



With a career in the investment world (literally all major cities on earth), Ed has been asked endless times why starting a charity and naming it as such.

After retiring from his corporate career at age 40, Ed started his venture-building journey, with ChickenSoup as the flagship philanthropic investment and a number of commercial startups.  His mission is to share his energy with those who are motivated to self-heal and empower for an unimaginably bright future.

With most of his memories in the future, his brief background: grew up on the darkside of Hong Kong, while attended a privileged school on the Kadoorie Hill.  After graduating from a large university in Michigan, he worked as a CPA and investment banker in NYC and London.  Ed spent most of his career in China with a top global investment firm, named after an iconic boutique hotel in NYC.

Ed is a curious student of quantum physics and yoga.  He finds loads of peace and inspiration in the Nature, particularly with the Sea and the Sun, with a bottle of vintage champagne.

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