In this series, we have collaborated with our mystery guests to curate some exciting new sessions for the participants, and to help our donor family to put together a “SOUL Amazing” celebration for a once-in-crisis ChickenSoup family.

The two took on a mission to prepare a celebration that symbolizes an important milestone for our family. Filled with laughter and tears, their day was definitely rated 10 out of 10 on a scale to measure how heartwarming it was!

Your Turn, Be a Family Cupid!

Individual Donors

Cindy C 60,000 Robyn L 60,000 Karim A 2,000 Benjamin V 10,000 Divia H 1,800 Ronnie W 4,000 Sonia S 3,200 Jacqueline S 10,500 Christopher H 10,000 Frederick W 5,000 Arthur W 8,000 Derek L 8,000 George L 8,000 Jason W 8,000 Ken H 8,000 Mason W 8,000 Peter T 8,000 Stephen C 8,000 Steven Y 8,000 Thomas H 8,000 Thomas W 8,000 Nelson W 8,000 Andy L 16,000 Tommy T 8,000 Cindy L 10,500 Henry C 10,000 Janice M 80,000 Patricia C 50,000 Vincent K 10,000 Andrew Y 5,000