Gifting ChickenSoup Families With A “SOUL-Happy” Birthday Experience

If your birthday is coming up, why not use the spotlight to do some good?

Ask for donations rather than gifts this year to sponsor family bonding activities for our ChickenSoup families. 


SOUL-Happy Birthday at the Peak

Who doesn’t love a game of monopoly?

This birthday celebration at MONOPOLY DREAMS ™️ for our September and October birthday stars was sponsored by Nomura. Not only did our families get to visit the world-first MONOPOLY-themed attraction, each of them was also gifted a set of Hong Kong Special Edition Monopoly board game.


SOUL-Happy Birthday at Ocean Park

For the July and August SOUL-happy birthday party, Ms. Jennifer Ma sponsored a day of fun at Ocean Park for our families.

Jennifer has been one of our biggest supporters and this year she has continued her practice of donating HK$100 for every birthday greetings she received. Our families had a great time and we can’t thank her enough for joining us to cuddle crisis families with love!


SOUL-Happy Birthday at Legoland

This June, Ms. Simmi Malhotra sponsored a memorable birthday party for four ChickenSoup families at Legoland with her very own birthday gifts from friends!

To spread her birthday joy, Simmy encouraged her friends to make a charity donation to ChickenSoup instead of giving her gifts.