Stanley Yeung

Program Officer


Born and raised in a grass-root family of eight as the second youngest child, Stanley grew up with extremely limited resources and had always hoped for a mentor to guide him through life hardships.

After graduating from college, which exceeded the expectation of his and his family, Stanley worked in multiple random jobs without the faintest idea what he is good at and what his passion lies.  However, his career vision began to develop when he served as the assistant to a local district councillor helping mostly the underserved community and families in need.

At ChickenSoup, Stanley is devoted to make a practical difference in the grassroots community.  Once a lost soul, Stanley is now determined to share his own self-empowerment lessons, particularly with youth who are discovering their life and career.

Stanley graduated a Bachelor Degree in Nuclear and Risk Engineering at City University of Hong Kong.  As a big fan of sports, he enjoys playing basketball and volleyball.

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