Shadow Ling

Registered Social Worker


Being traumatized from losing a close family member in a sudden, Shadow once thought of quitting everything.  Nevertheless, with support from her family and professionals, she found her ways of recovery and eventually embarked her career as a social worker.

Before joining ChickenSoup, Shadow worked in different local NGOs, serving clients who are suicidal and mentally-ill and children with special educational needs.  She was particularly proud to have facilitated the successful resettlement of a number of refugees.  From her professional experience in handling over 50 crisis cases, she witnessed how a misallocation of social resources put individuals and families at risk.

Now, Shadow has the calling to be a strong advocate of mental wellbeing, with a focus on the most deprived families in Hong Kong.  She hopes to flourish family development so that broken individuals can be healed with support from their loved ones in additional to professional counsellors in the most practical manner.

Shadow graduated with a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Social Work from City University of Hong Kong.   As an amateur dancer and freelance oil-painting model, she also likes hitting the gym and playing surf skateboard.

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