Moon So

Impact Reporter


Raised in a single-parent family, Moon developed a close-knit relationship with her mother.  By the time her mom was challenged by mental health issues, Moon took the lead in breadwinning and caretaking the entire family immediately after college, which presents her biggest challenge in life so far.

After graduating with a degree in Journalism and Communication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Moon worked for TVB News as an investigative reporter of current affairs.  In a span of three years, she produced over 30 episodes of half-hour long documentaries, each requiring on average one month of production time.  With a main focus on informative and documentary programmes such as <Sunday Report> and <Vital Lifeline>, she won the 2020 media award presented by Mind HK with her story about panic disorder.

After having investigated a wide range of social issues, Moon realized the power of authentic video storytelling and the tremendous impacts it could have on the lives of interviewees.  Yet, she finds the limited impact she could make as a reporter, therefore she decided to transition her career into the social welfare sector.

Joining ChickenSoup as an Impact Reporter, Moon aims to bring the family stories to life through video not only to attract viewership, but to bring changes and hope to families in crisis.

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