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Individual Donors

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Most jobs demand a smart brain to solve problems, some requires a big heart to serve with love. Ours also take a good soul to make lasting changes.

Beyond their qualifications and experience, the personality, motivation and passion of our people are equally important in our collective hiring decision process.

We look for people who have recovered from personal life challenges, people who have had unusually tough work experience in a specific expertise; and people who have had business experiences to cope with this fast changing and commercial world. We mean all three in one person!


Edward Man

After retiring from his corporate career at age 40, Ed started his venture-building journey, with ChickenSoup as the flagship philanthropic investment and a number of commercial startups.  His mission is to share his energy with those who are motivated to self-heal and empower for an unimaginably bright future.

Edward Man


Eva Sum

Program Manager

Kit Shum

Expressive Arts Therapist

Kanice Ho

Registered Social Worker

Shadow Ling

Registered Social Worker

Inis Yang

Donor Ambassador

Moon So

Impact Reporter

Stanley Yeung

Program Officer

Sapphire Chan

Community Storyteller

Hermia Tsang

Solutions Ambassador