Empowerment From Nick

Bringing an inspirational personality to speak to our kids at challenging times.

Elizabeth Nutrition Fund

 Michelin 1-star VEA Chef Vicky Chen and his wife Polly gave the first birthday gift to their daughter – “Elizabeth Nutrition Fund”.

It’s Play Time!

A surprise visit from Film Aid Asia Ambassador Jamie Bower!

Projecting Hope

Projecting hope. Changing lives. Film production workshop was brought to ChickenSoup kids as an empowering educational experience!

Empowerment From Cissy

Cissy Wang representing Film Aid Asia visited one of our partner-centres.

Empowerment From Robyn

Ambassador Robyn visited one of our partner-schools and inspired many of our kids of ethnic background. 

Kaleido Programme

Ada visited her fellow DGS girls in their volunteering services.

Empowerment From Natalie

Thank you Natalie for the inspirational sharing!

Empowerment From Desmond

Thank you Desmond for sharing an important life lesson for the ChickenSoup kids!
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